Tofu ‘Egg’ & Cress Sandwich • Such a yummy and high protein lunch option, whic…

🥪🌱Tofu ‘Egg’ & Cress Sandwich 🌱🥪

😋Such a yummy and high protein lunch option, which will keep you satisfied! I ed the recipe that plantsmywifeandi posted recently and it turned out so good!😻
The mix of firm and silken tofu is perfect, it’s made me realise I need to use a combination of the tofus when making scrambled tofu. 🍽

What is your favourite sandwich filling? 🥪🌟

24 thoughts on “Tofu ‘Egg’ & Cress Sandwich • Such a yummy and high protein lunch option, whic…”

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  2. Omg looks like an egg 😅😱 did you add turmeric to make it yellow? And today I made vegan tuna, which is now my favorite one for sandwich😍

  3. Yes! SO glad you like the recipe, the two tofus make such a difference don’t they? Better than using tons of mayo in our opinion. This sandwich looks heavenly 💚

  4. What an eggcellent sandwich 😍 (sorry couldnt resist, especially when we know no eggs were used! 😅)

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